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Chengdu Xingcheng Investment Group Co., Ltd. (CXIG), a state-owned capital investment and operation firm based in Chengdu, was listed in the top 500 Chinese enterprises and top 500 service enterprises of China in 2018. It primarily engages in five sectors, i.e., building construction, real estate development, healthcare, cultural tourism, as well as capital operation and asset management. CXIG has 12 second-tier wholly-owned and controlled subsidiaries, eight second-tier participated companies, and 57 third-tier subsidiaries and participated companies. As at the end of June 2018, CXIG recorded total assets at RMB137.8 billion and net assets at RMB40.5 billion. The Group possesses abundant development strength, extensive experience in construction as well as strong investment and financing ability.

In recent years, CXIG has been, adhering to an open approach to development, actively committed to developing urban projects. Apart from landmarks including two sub-centers covering an area of 56km in total (i.e., Chengdu Eastern and Southern New Areas), Chengdu Planning Exhibition Hall, and Chengdu City Archives, CXIG has developed 6-million-m of high-quality real estate projects. CXIG is currently developing showcase urban projects including Tianfu Greenways and Tianfu Jincheng. Meanwhile, the Group is aggressively expanding its international presence, with a wholly-owned overseas vehicle set up in Hong Kong and forays into overseas markets including the U.S., Russia and Australia. The Group has also undertaken a range of projects in Nepal, Angola and Gabon. Such a diversified, global industrial layout amplifies the clustering effect of state-owned capital and taps into the leading, exemplary and driving role of a SOE.

Looking forward, CXIG will establish itself as an integrated international urban developer and operator and strive to be included in the Fortune Global 500 list by 2022.