2018 Chengdu National Fitness Greenway Series Events Launching Ceremony and Tianfu Greenway Fitness Run (First Station) Held in Guixi Ecological Park, Chengdu Greenway


On the morning of January 27, “Sports Chengdu, Greenway Fitness” - 2018 Chengdu National Fitness Greenway Series Events Launching Ceremony and Tianfu Greenway Fitness Run (First Station) were grandly held in the Eastern Zone of Guixi Ecological Park, Chengdu Greenway. The event was sponsored by the People’s Government of Chengdu, and organized by the Chengdu Sports Bureau, the Chengdu Construction Committee, the Administrative Committee of Chengdu High-tech Zone and Chengdu Better City Investment Group Co., Ltd.. About 4,000 people including Zhang Zhenghong (Deputy Mayor), Yan Jing (Deputy Secretary-General of Municipal People’s Government), leaders from all district (city) and county governments and relevant departments at the municipal level, foreigners from consulates in Chengdu, news media from all walks of life and representatives of the city’s fitness enthusiasts participated in the event.

Zhang Zhenghong pointed out at the launching ceremony of the event that Chengdu would rely on Tianfu Greenway Planning to build a number of world-class sports facilities, hold internationally influenced sports events, promote the development of the events industry and make every effort to build a world-famous city of sports events. At the same time, Chengdu would also expand the depth and extent of the national fitness through the greenway fitness pattern covering all aspects of public life. In the future, Tianfu Greenway will be open to the public throughout the year according to the pattern of opening one section after one section is built, and following up one activity after one activity is launched, and hold “Sports Chengdu · Greenway Fitness” National Fitness Series Events including Tianfu Greenway Fitness Run, Spring Cross-country Race, Hiking and Cross-Country Orienteering to gradually form a civic sports ground that has diversified pattern, full vitality but no walls and thresholds.

In this event, Chengdu Better City Investment Group Co., Ltd., as the provider of logistics support for sites and security, had successfully completed its tasks through careful planning and organization, fully demonstrating the phased construction achievements of Chengdu Greenway to all sectors of society. In the next step, Chengdu Better City Investment Group Co., Ltd. will work with persistent efforts and high efficiency to build the main trunk line of Chengdu Greenway as soon as possible and to further enhance the quality of the city and the sense of citizenship gain, making greater contributions to building the vitality core of national health.