Chengdu Construction Group Holds 2018 Chinese New Year Celebration Performance Themed by “Stepping into New Era and Creating New Brilliance”


Golden roosters crow at dawn for bidding farewell to the old year, dogs bark for welcoming the New Year. In order to condole with all its employees, serve the masses and grassroots, create a happy and peaceful festival atmosphere, boost the employees’ spirit and morale and inspire their fighting spirit, mobilize the cadres and workers to better engage in the Group’s “1236” development strategy and gather wisdom & strength to build “Green Construction, One-hundred-billion Construction, Century Construction”, Chengdu Construction Group held 2018 Chinese New Year Celebration Performance themed by “Stepping into New Era and Creating New Brilliance” on the evening of February 7 at the Phase I Project Department of “Tianfu Furong Garden”. A number of people including Ren Zhineng (Chairman and Party Secretary of Chengdu Better City Investment Group Co., Ltd.), Zhang Juntao (General Manager and Deputy Party Secretary), Chen Zhimin (Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection and Deputy Party Secretary), Li Shanji (General Manager, Chairman, Party Secretary of Construction Group and Deputy Chairman), Yang Xiaosong (Full-time External Director), Zhang Hang (Deputy General Manager), Song Yan (Chairman of the Trade Unions) and Tong Lian (Director of Infrastructure Construction Commission of Chengdu Federation of Trade Unions) came to the site for guidance. Also, more than 500 people including the members of leading group of the Group, heads of all departments of the Head Office and its workers’ representatives, members of leading group of all subordinate units of the Group and its workers’ representatives, and representatives of migrant workers and first-line managers gathered together to watch the performance.

Before the evening party began, Li Shanji delivered a speech of congratulation to the New Year on behalf of the Construction Group, and sent New Year wishes to all cadres &workers and their families, expressing sincere thanks to leaders at all levels and friends from all walks of life, sincere sympathy to the cadres & workers and high respect to the comrades who stuck to their posts during the Spring Festival, summarizing and reviewing the brilliant achievements made by the Group in 2017 and making an expectation of the work in 2018.

The evening party officially began with the magnificent dance of A Stage of Harmony in the Era of Prosperity. Over 100 actors from the Group delivered their wonderful programs wrote and directed by themselves to the forefront of the construction site and successively performed 16 wonderful programs that are diversified in forms and rich in contents, such as vibrant dance Dancing Youth, humorous and interesting performance of “Three Sentences and a Half” Build A Dream to Open A New Chapter, creative poetry recitation Craftsman Heritage, the Role of the Construction Forceand enthusiastic song with dance Happy New Year. The soulful singing, charming dancing, moving site stories and colorful cultural programs created a strong atmosphere of enterprising spirit, forge ahead in unity and welcoming the New Year, all units sent the New Year blessing videos and the leaders sent the New Year greetings to migrant workers, all of these festive and warm moments pushed the performance atmosphere to a new high time and time again. The performance came to a close in the joyful dance The Realization of the Chinese Dream.

This celebration performance won warm applause and high praise from the audience at the scene, showing the Group’s infinite passion and high spirit of staying true to the original self, forging ahead, unity & hardworking and innovation & efficiency increase under the new situation of reform and development, greatly inspiring the struggling enthusiasm of the cadres and workers in building the “three Constructions” and making the workers be more firm with their determination to create a new era of construction with more passion.