2018 Worker’s Basketball Match of Chengdu Construction Group Successfully Closed


On April 23, 2018 Worker’s Basketball Match of Chengdu Construction Group for 8 days closed successfully at the Cultural and Sports Center in the Qingbaijiang District. Li Shanji, the Deputy Chairman of Chengdu Better City Investment Group Co., Ltd., the Party Secretary, Chairman and General Manager of Chengdu Construction Group, attended the closing ceremony and delivered a speech. Chen Cong (Vice-Chairman and Member of the Party Group of Municipal Federation of Trade Unions) and Tong Lian (Head of the Preparatory Group of the Traffic Construction Union of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions) attended the closing ceremony and presented the awards to the award-winning teams and individuals.

This Match was an important measure for Chengdu Construction Group to thoroughly implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, further enrich the spiritual and cultural life of employees and enhance the construction of enterprise culture. A total of 19 men’s teams and 4 women’s teams from 21 units participated in this Match. After 54 fierce competitions, the third company, the fourth company and the seventh company subordinated to the Group won the first place, second place and third place of the men’s teams respectively in this Match, and the fourth company and the eighth company won the first place and second place of the women’s teams respectively in this Match. In this Match, the athletes raced to the top and strove for the best rankings, the judge made an accurate judgment in the spirit of justice and equity and all units well organized and provided satisfying service, so that the Match achieved the expected goal of building up a good physique and improving one’s health, enhancing the morale and gathering strength. The spirit of cooperation with absolute sincerity, indomitable struggle and brave challenge to a new height would vigorously promote the work at the production and management, reform and development centers of Chengdu Construction Group.

At present, in accordance with the strategic goal of “being developed into a one hundred billion modern construction enterprise group withprofound culture, full of vitality and great competitiveness”, Chengdu Construction Group has launched a new round of enterprise cultural construction and upgrading work, which will further promote the shared progress, growth and development between enterprises and employees.