Striving to Be A Post Model, Creating An Advanced Team - Chengdu Runjincheng Industrial Co., Ltd. Conducts the 2018 Staff Military Training


In order to further implement the work requirements of the Company’s paramilitary management, train the Company’s employees with strict organizational discipline and vigorous work style and set up a good enterprise image, Chengdu Runjincheng Industrial Co., Ltd. conducted the 2018 military training for its staff under the guidance of the instructors of the Fourth Regiment of the Sichuan Army Reserve High-Artillery Division on September 30. A total of more than 80 persons including leaders and management personnel of the Company participated in this training.

At 9 a.m., Chairman Luo Jiayou delivered a speech at the training ceremony, and asked its entire staff to cherish this training opportunity, cultivate a positive and enterprising spirit and enhance team cohesion, laying a solid disciplinary foundation for the Company to enter the Top 10 property management enterprises in China.

At 9:20 a.m., the military training officially began. Although the sun was hot, all staff was enthusiastic and energetic to participate in various training subjects, such as Military Gesture, Salute, March, Double Time and Goose-step. In the last session of the queue, with strong rhythm and vigorous steps, the trained staff shouted the loud slogans and walked through the training ground valiantly, winning bursts of applause.

After the training was finished, Xu Bo, the General Manager of the Company expressed thanks to the instructors, and hoped that all staff would be more cohesive through military training to ensure the successful completion of the Company’s various objectives and tasks in the “quality year, development year”.