The Group Launches 2018 Autumn Outing Activity Themed by “Love in Late Autumn, Jungle Walking”


In order to enhance the enterprise cohesion and arouse employees’ enthusiasm for life, on October 26, the Group organized the 2018 Autumn Outing Activity themed by “Love in Late Autumn, Jungle Walking”. Fan Rui (General Manager of the Group) and all employees of the Group headquarters and Chengdu Xingdong Real Estate Co., Ltd. participated in this activity.

This activity was held in Jinxiu City, Xinglong Town, Tianfu New District. The development activities of “Jungle Walking” and “Shooting Activity with Love” were conducted in succession; a variety of leisure events including Tea Break, Table Tennis and Billiards were provided as well.

This activity allowed employees to gain confidence and courage, understand their responsibilities and roles and further enhance team cohesion. All employees said that they will integrate this enthusiasm and spirit into work so as to contribute to the development of the Group.