CCYL Committee of Chengdu Construction Group Launches 2018 “May 4th” Youth Day Development Training


In order to enhance the cohesion, combat effectiveness and creativity of young workers of the Group, arouse their high enthusiasm for work and upward struggling power, promote communication among young people and mobilize young workers to better participate in the “1236” development strategy of the Group, with the consent of the Party Committee of the Group, the CCYL committee of the Group carried out the “May 4th” Youth Day Development Training with the theme of “Inspire Youth to Show Elegant Demeanor, Forging Ahead to Create Brilliance” at the Jianchuan Museum Base in Dayi County, Chengdu City during May 2 to 4. A total of 114 persons, including league cadres and outstanding youth delegates from all units of the Group participated in the training.

The training was the first youth development training with large scale, deep level and new form held by the Group since the new five-year development plan was proposed, and also an effective attempt to help the development of the Group by the way of league building; it played a positive role in guiding young people to strengthen their beliefs, promoting the growing up of the youth, arouse the youth’s enthusiasm for work and promoting the high-quality and high-speed development of the Group. The young people said that they would turn the spirit of solidarity and cooperation, indomitable struggle and striving for the best shown in this development training into a strong driving force for daily work, devoting their power to building “Green Construction, One-hundred-billion Construction, Century Construction”.