Major projects

Major projects—CXIG has been, adhering to the “better city”, committed to improving the urban people’s livelihood and continuing to speed up the construction of a livable city. The Group built the first phase of the Jincheng Lake and Qinglong Lake among the “six reservoirs and eight areas”, an ecological zone around the city built in Chengdu. CXIG makes every effort to realize the ecological environment of “a green and flower-laden Chengdu” raised on the thirteenth congress of party representatives of Chengdu. The Group has built 2.78 million square meters of affordable housing with high standards and quality, and completed 3.14 million square meters of commercial housing, achieving sales revenue of nearly RMB20 billion. CXIG has well built a large number of public facilities featured with social service functions and urban landmarks, such as the Tianfu International Financial Center, Chengdu Planning Exhibition Hall, Chengdu City Archives, Jinsha Site Museum and Yongling Tomb Museum, as well as over 30 elementary and secondary schools, kindergartens, farmer’s markets and other supporting facilities in areas, including Chengdu No.7 High School (High-tech Zone Campus) and Chengdu Shude High School (Foreign Languages Campus), providing strong supports for regional economic development of new urban areas in Chengdu.