Investment development

Investment development—CXIG, adhering to following the national and regional economic development strategies, has made efforts to confirm and have an insight into the policy dividends and development opportunities, study and judge the market trends and investment and financing risks in a scientific manner, identify its own positioning and development advantages, rationally allocate the direction of equity investment, so as to continuously inject strong impetus to corporate transformation and development. Introducing China Resources Gas Group Limited and Sichuan Huayou Group Co., Ltd., the Group has injected quality resources into Chengdu Dongjing Gas Co., Ltd. with a diversified shareholding structure to jointly promote the regional gas business. Together with Sichuan Provincial Investment Group Co., Ltd. and Sichuan Chuantou Energy Co., Ltd., the Group founded Sichuan Chuantou Electric Power Sales Co., Ltd. with the province-wide most registered capital of RMB300 million from their joint contribution, effectively extending the industrial chain of the enterprise and broadening the profit growth point. The Group has made great efforts to implement the “going global” strategy with central and provincial enterprises in the way of “entering overseas markets in groups” and “joint venture and cooperation”. With the joint contribution of USD200 million from Sichuan Railway Investment Group Co., Ltd. and other provincial enterprises, the Group set up China Sichuan International Investment Limited in Hong Kong. The Group also founded Xingcheng (Hong Kong) International Investment Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned overseas platform company of Xingcheng with an investment of USD290 million. The Group is also the first state-owned enterprise in Chengdu to obtain the Enterprise Overseas Institution Certificate, and has set up the Group’s office based in Pakistan in Lahore, Pakistan.